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Ongoing Compliance Supervision Service

Closely examining where a business did well can be easier than discovering where it went wrong. It follows a highly time-consuming and tedious process intertwined with unintuitive restraints.

We assess the client’s operation against the regulatory frameworks, and ensuring the compliance of the educational institutes.

The service that CG is providing in the area of “performance assessment” includes
(i) participation in the performance assessment [Audit], (ii) the rectification of non-compliance issues, and (iii) Maintenance of the ongoing compliance. For more details, please click ‘Read more’.

Managerial Consultation Services

Chelson Gordon submits your RTO registration applications using ASQAnet. The initial registration application for a new RTO involves systemic procedures such as the scope of registration and so fourth.

We validate your documentation to ensure your application is up-to-date and compliant so that a faster response is more likely generated.

Chelson Gordon (CG) provides a service in relation to the submission of applications relating to educational institutes registration. The service we are offering includes (i) Initial Registration Application (ii) Renewal Registration Application, and (iii) Scope Addition or Change. There are three main applications that we are expertise in, please click ‘Read more’ for the details.