RTO Services
Our Services to RTO's

Chelson Gordon (CG) is now working on the RTO investment. Our business partners can invest and own the RTOs without waiting for the outcome of the registration. These ready-made RTOs come with relevant documents and information which are compliant with requirements such as:

(i) A set of policy and procedure documents,

(ii) A set of student support documents,

(iii) A set of marketing and recruitment documents,

(iv) Any other relevant documents.

We ensure that all prepared documents will help business partners operate the RTOs without any difficulties. On top of that, our company offers additional services such as ongoing compliance supervision service or managerial consultation service after the acquisition of RTOs as well.

Our company would love to announce that the RTOs will be ready to be invested in and owned by the third quarter of 2023. If owning ready-made RTOs is the right choice to fulfil your business needs, please keep in touch with us for more details!

Chelson Gordon has another service to offer to your RTO(s) by supplying the materials that will be beneficial for running RTO(s) effectively. Our company ensures that all materials are well-prepared with a high-quality, the materials that we are working on are listed as follows:

(i) Template of policy and procedure documents,

(ii) Template of Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS) documents,

(iii) All relevant forms in both physical and online versions,

(iv) Training materials and assessment tools.

In 2023, our company will develop training materials and assessment tools mainly for qualifications that our business partners require. In addition, we ensure that all materials mentioned above will be produced and developed in compliance with the training package and in accordance with the regulatory requirement of RTO standards 2015.

Chelson Gordon would like to offer a transnational service to help our business partners expand their businesses

Chelson Gordon has another special service which is legal advisory to offer to all business partners in the near future. This service will assist business partners during Administrative Appeal Tribunals (AAT)’s cases. Examples of legal advisory services are:

1. Providing solutions for non-compliance practices during AAT cases,

2. Providing legal advice on how to prepare documents and information.

We are confident to confirm that we will provide advice and solutions that are reliable according to laws and regulations (i.e., Commonwealth laws and regulation of Australian Government)