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Navdeep Verma

Software Engineer

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Communication, Management, Teamwork, Project Management, and Portfolio Management. Strong engineering professional now pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy – Ph.D. focused on Student Engagement in Education.

“You don’t get what you wish for; you get what you work for.”

Kaokla Gerttawee

Administrative Officer

As per my experiences in former jobs as a personal assistant, researcher, and trainer assistant for almost 3 years ago. I could integrate those kinds of skills and/or experiences into my current role at CG company very well. My specialized fields include Credit transfer for all qualifications, Training package rule for CT units, GTE (Genuine temporary entrants), email monitoring, internal collaboration, and, Complaints and Appeals. The scopes of these responsibilities are quite both routine and challenging, especially in CT, as we might have the pattern rules but the procedure needs a high level of logic, detail-oriented, and interpretation. Also, Complaints and Appeals are the most sensitive issues to deal with for balancing the benefits for all related parties, and try my best not to escalate the case into a big deal.

"To move forward is to leave something behind."

John Mark Verar

Administrative Support Officer

More than two years of experience in the Administrative and Learning Support role. Countless experience in scheduling appointments and meetings for both students, trainers, and staffs alike. In addition, having experience with Moodle and managing email queries for all Learning Support emails across all existing RTOs.

"One Team One Goal. Our Time Is Now!"

Princess Ara Jean Tapil

Administrative Support Officer

I am currently working as an Administrative Support Officer, focusing on Moodle-related tasks and supervising outcome-based tasks relating to both urgent and special requests from designated faculties. In addition, I am responsible for creating reports for Moodle units created at a specific time. Also have relevant and sufficient experience in terms of student enrollment, timetable organization, and email management.

"Focus on what matters."


Administrative Support Officer

Marking the non-submission students' assignments on Moodle has been my current task. Work experience in finance and formerly in education as a teacher.

"Maintain harmony and togetherness to achieve our goal of giving the best to everyone."

Pintusorn Muangwong

Executive Assistant in Training

Currently working in the procurement department, I am responsible for acquiring goods and services needed to support the company’s operations. It works with suppliers to identify and procure the best products and services at the lowest possible cost. The procurement department coordinates all purchases, including those made through contracts, grants, and other forms of agreements. The department also monitors spending to ensure that it is within budget constraints.

"Work hard in silence, let success be your noise."

Yada Senasiri

Personal Assistant

With over four years of experience studying in the business English field at educational institutions, I have transitioned into the role of a personal assistant at CG Company. My current responsibilities include recording meeting minutes and company protocols, scheduling meetings for the manager, handling financial documents, and assisting with HR tasks.

"Try harder to be better."

Warut Somthong

Junior HR Generalist

Collaborating within groups and across international companies and universities often presents an invaluable opportunity for self-discovery, fostering an environment where diversity in cultures and languages fosters personal and collective growth, leading to an advancement in knowledge. This exposure facilitates my development into a professional contributing member of both society and the company. In my role as an Administrative Officer Trainee, my duties encompass screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and coordinating interviews.

"Real work is another new experience"

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